Mum Nasıl Yakılır, Mum Nasıl Yakılmalı

How to Light a Candle, How to Light a Candle

Sirius Candle, We are pleased to present you the General Rules of Candles,

1 If Your Saddle Candle Is Smoke or Smoke Comes Out, This is a very normal process for solution,
In order for your candle to burn in a healthy way, please cut the candle wick with a candle mask of 5mm or with a normal sharp scissors, the solution is the same all over the world,

2 If You Think Your Saddle Candle Doesn't Smell, All Sirius Candles Contain High Levels of Fragrance, contain a special scent if you want the candle to smell intensely longer.
light your candle, for a more intense scent, burn your fragrant sirius for at least 1 hour, in this process, you will smell sweet in the room,

3 If the Candle Goes Out Immediately The biggest problem here is that you may have broken the long wick of the candle,

Yes, the biggest problem here is that most people think that my candle is garbage,
Of course You Don't Have To Worry It's A Very Easy Solution, If your Saddle Wick is broken and short,
One of the most common problems is that the candle is suffocated. For this, gently pull up the wick part of the candle with a candle wick Holder and the wick. If the Problem Still Continues, Request Help From Sirius Candle Customer Representative, If the Problem Cannot Be Solved, Change Your Candle Freely,

Yes, We Presented Our Practical Information for Lighting a Candle If It Wasn't Sufficient Sirius Candle

Contact Customer Service and we will provide a solution.....

We wish you healthy days in these difficult days. Sincerely, Sirius Candle,