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Decorative Candles

Decorative candles are the most indispensable accessory of a house, namely its decor. Designs that add beauty and joy to your home are not just for decor. Most Sirius products are fragrant, freshens the air of the environment, as intense as a room fragrance, as pure as naturalness. If you want to review large cylinder products, click here and view large candles. Decor is indispensable for a house from the old days to this day, and there are also unique decoration types among the indispensables. It is now very easy to have a decorative candle with a beautiful scent, with a single click, with same-day cargo, as if you bought it from the store, it is very easy with Sirius. Would you like to send a gift candle to a friend or loved one, click now and send a gift card to your friend and make him/her happy.

Scented Decorative Candles

Scented decorative models contain a lower level of fragrance compared to other scented candles, because decorative products can melt more quickly than other jar products, therefore, the probability of warping is very high, so the surface of shaped products is harder. It also contains high quality high level fragrance, we thought you like more intense fragrances, so you can check out our room scares now click and review.


Outdoor Decorative Candles

Outdoor candles are made for indoor use as gel, for example, the features of outdoor decorative candles such as cylindrical products are first seen as thicker wind-resistant wood or cotton wicks, for this reason, such products should be preferred for lighting candles outdoors. You can use your candles outdoors, in a glass dome, or in a lantern.

Decorative Candle Send Gift

We love to receive gifts from our loved ones from day to day, especially we display the gifts in the most special place of our home, and the purse of our house smells delicious. It is the most beautiful and special gift to present these fragrant products to our loved ones, so it is a gift for our loved ones. We want to buy candles, but we think a lot about which model they will like. You don't have to think anymore. It's that easy to send candles with Sirius gift cards, click here and buy a gift card to your loved one, choose the limit and send her a gift card With Sirius, everything is now very easy. Making someone happy is just a click away.

How to Light a Decorative Candle?

how to burn, In fact, this type of candle can be lit in the same way as a normal candle, but there are some tricks, one of them is that decorative candles do not contain a protection, so after a certain period of time they start to flow from the sides or from the top, it is actually very simple to prevent this. A little bit of the burned pool in the required candle Start the Sirius wax pool in another container, about 10%, so that the wax does not flow from the sides anymore and it produces a healthier flame, you can get candle bases for more practical solutions.

These types of candles, which are very nice to burn, are the most important type to be careful of, if you do not pay attention, they can cause great problems, what you need to know before lighting a decorative candle, if exposed to a hot area, it can melt quickly, and there is no return. Therefore, before you light your candle, firstly, do not light it in an environment that is not very hot, secondly, it should not be done in places such as sun-exposed windows and balconies. If the ground you put the saddle on is hot, it will quickly melt and distort, so check the area before lighting your decorative candle. This is only valid for candles of this type, you will experience such problems with other products.

Christmas Decor Candles

New Year's candle, special for New Year's Eve, Sirius's Christmas models stand out with their unique designs. We are proud of our decorative Christmas tree candle series, which is shaped like a pine tree and in the shape of a tree, and we are very happy to produce Christmas candles every year at the request of our customers, who add value to your unique designs so that the most beautiful days will be beautiful together, every year Finally, to discover special designs and fragrances, buy it now and have it delivered to your door with one click on the same day. Discover pine tree candles that combine with the quality and nature of Sirius candles. We are happy to make our Christmas products special for the New Year, which we make special production for the New Year and enjoy even when making these products. to better days, may your star never go out.

Dekoratif Mumlar İle Dekorasyonunuzu Yenileyin

en büyük özellikleri ev dekorasyonunuzu yenilmesidir, evinizin her köşesinde güzel ve şık duran dekorasyonlar, ister mutfakta, ister banyoda, ister yatak odasında her ortamda güzel kokan her ortama değer katan çeşitler uygun fiyatlarla, büyük çeşitlerin ve asil silindir modelleri ile evinizin enerjisini yenileyin, özellikle sigara içilen ortamlarda sigara kokusunu yok etme formülüne sahip Sirius yandığı ortamdaki havayı tazeler. Evinize misafirleriniz geldiğinde mis kokunun sebebini soracaktır, misafirlerinize bu eşsiz kokuların deneyimi yaşatmak kim istemez. Şimdi Sirius mağazalarından alışveriş yapar gibi, Sirius online mağaza dan alışveriş yapmak arasında hiç fark yok çünkü Sirius aynı gün kargo ile, tek tık uzağında, şimdi sipariş ver ve mumsuz kalma.