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Name, surname, e-mail address, T.R. ID number, demographic data, financial data, etc. data, to receive your orders, to offer our products and services, to improve our products and services, to solve system problems, to perform your payment transactions, to update your information about your orders, products and services, for marketing purposes if you give your prior consent, to manage and maintain your membership, to suggest products and services that may be of interest to you. and third parties to perform their technical, logistics and other similar functions on behalf of Siriusmum, and for the execution of distance sales contracts and other agreements, they can be recorded indefinitely, stored in written/magnetic archives, used by Siriusmum, its subsidiaries and third parties and/or organizations. can be updated, shared, transferred and processed in other ways.


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Our customers can always and without giving any reason, by contacting Siriusmum through the communication channels stated below, and requesting the use and processing of personal data and/or the suspension of commercial electronic communications sent to them. After our customers' requests regarding this matter reach Siriusmum, personal data processing and/or sending of electronic commercial messages are stopped. However, data that is permitted/mandatory/processed/storage/retention allowed by the current legislation may continue to be processed or commercial electronic message sending. If our customers wish, they can always apply to Siriusmum and get information about the processes related to the processing of their personal data. Applications and requests in these matters will be fulfilled within the legal maximum period or may not be accepted by explaining the legal reason to the party.


In accordance with the legislation in force, Siriusmum sends various social, commercial and other electronic messages to its customers for the purpose of promotion, advertisement, communication, promotion, sales and marketing regarding all kinds of products and services, SMS/short message, instant notification, automatic call, computer, telephone, e-mail. It can be sent via mail/mail, fax and other electronic communication tools.


In the event that our customers are informed with the specified copies and/or purchase a product/service within the framework of commercial electronic messages sent to them, the aforementioned transaction is subject to a separate and legal consumer contract. The consumer contract is implemented on its own terms and between the parties. In your purchases from our site, the terms of the order pre-information form-distance sales contract that you will see during each transaction will be valid.


Regarding all kinds of information and content related to Siriusmum's website and their arrangement, revision and partial/complete use; except those belonging to third parties; All intellectual and industrial rights and property rights belong to Siriusmumi.


You can cancel your Siriusmumüseyin.sagiroglu@hs01.kep.trby sending an e-mail to the address.


Siriusmum reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary in all the articles in this Confidentiality Agreement and in the products, services and opportunities it will offer to its customers; these changes to Siriusmum and/orwww.siriusmum.comIt will be valid from the moment it is announced on the website or by other appropriate methods. All rights regarding the campaigns that Siriusmum may organize from time to time are reserved.


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