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Vanilla Scented Amber Jar Candle Penguin

amber kavanoz mum, kokulu mum

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Amber Jar Candle, Unique Vanilla Meeting,Miss Scented Jar Candle Series, and Jar Candle Adding Color to Your Home, Prepared with 100% Natural Sirius Wax, Jar Candle Series is made with Natural Lead-Free Cotton Wick. The more you care about the products in your home, the more we care about the materials in our products. That's why all our candles are hand poured in Istanbul. Vanilla scented jar candle

Burning Time: ~ 30-35 Hours
Weight: 230.
Dimensions: 6.5" W x W 6.1" cm.

Proprietary Natural Sirius Wax,  mix + 100% natural Lead-free suppositories
hand poured in Istanbul
Not tested on animals
Free of Chalk Powder, Vasaline, Phthalates, parabens and sulfates
Amber Jar Candle
Vanilla Scented
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